All API requests require authentication via a bearer OAuth2 token. That tokens can be obtained from the ezeep Blue Authentication Service. This service implements the following Authorization Flows:

OAuth 2 Tokens

You can use an OAuth 2 access token to authenticate with the API by passing it in the Authorization header.

Example of using the OAuth2 token in the header:

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer eyJ..."

All API uses JSON for data serialization unless otherwise specified.

Obtaining a ClientID for your Application

Be sure to keep the customer secret secure and never share it, especially in components that you will pass to others. If it is necessary to embed the client secret in the application, you may be using an incorrect authentication method.

To receive your Client ID and optional Client Secret, you will need to contact the ezeep Blue Integration Team via API Contact Form please also provide them with your redirect URI(s). The redirect URI(s) is where the user will be redirected to after they have granted permissions to your application. This is typically a URL on your server where you can handle the authorization code or access token. Only with this final redirection the code needed for getting the access_token and optionally a refresh_token will be provided.